kel smith


I love zines as an accessible art form as well as an easy way to self-publish. I love collecting zines. I love seeing what other people can create. I love how easy zines can be, but also how rich and full of information they can be as well. Zines can be tiny one pagers that you make in an hour, or they can be full-sized books, full of stories, art, information, history, and creativity.

I’m working on a series of zines based on a variety of topics that range from mental health to parenting to economic systems and more. My intention is to make these zines as accessible as possible. They’re created with a ballpoint pen and standard computer paper – not items that cost a lot of money.

You can buy them individually for pay-what-you-want (minimum payment to cover cost of printing) or get them as part of a care package. If you’re interested in swapping zines, send me a note! I love trade and barter.