kel smith

Care Packages

Care Packages are a way to share what I love with the world. I offer what I have in abundance, what I’ve created or grown at a super duper low cost to cover expenses. Care Packages are offered in the spirit of the gift economy, one based on sharing what I have with those who might need it.

Here’s the thing though: I love giving gifts. It brings me immense joy. I also love making things, and in order to make things, you need to distribute what you already have! Rather than stockpiling that which I have, I really just want to send it out into the world to be used, loved, appreciated, and be an example of how to live at least a little bit outside of capitalist culture.

You can see what care packages are available below, and what contents are being offered. You’ll pay shipping (letter mail) to get the package to you but the value of the contents is designed to be more than you’d have to pay for the minimum price + shipping.

If you’re interested in bartering, or exchanging packages, let me know!