kel smith

Rag Rugs

I started weaving at summer camp when I was a kid and bought my first floor loom around 2011. After experimenting with different types of weaving, I fell in love with rag rugs because they’re practical, beautiful, and represent a circular economy. Most rugs are woven with recycled materials headed for the landfill. I try and use discarded yarn for the warp whenever possible.

I offer rugs to folks on a pay-what-you-want scale because I fucking love weaving and you can’t keep weaving if you have too much stock. Because most of my material is donated, I don’t have a lot of overhead. If you’re interested in a rug but feeling overwhelmed by naming your own price, try and think of what feels like a good deal and compare that with what you can afford. I am never ever EVER insulted by a low price; I’m honestly just so happy that I can continue to handcraft these awesome rugs and that they are enjoyed by people in homes across the world.